Aerodynamic Tutorial


John Cobb and Simon Lessing: The Bicycle Aerodynamic Tutorial

Javelin, LLC, in cooperation with Boulder Coaching’s Simon Lessing and Cobb Cycling‚Äôs John Cobb, is pleased to announce this video entitled, John Cobb and Simon Lessing: The Bicycle Aerodynamic Tutorial.

This is an excellent opportunity for retailers, enthusiasts and multisport athletes interested in aerodynamics to learn directly from the masters.

John Cobb has worked with many prominent names in cycling from his early days with Greg Lemond to seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong. He has been instrumental in the advancement of bicycle aerodynamics and his work has become the standard that the industry follows. His designs and principles are used and raced by some of the biggest names in multisport and road cycling.

Five-time Triathlon World Champion Simon Lessing has been competing since the first aerodynamic components started hitting the market. Lessing’s excellent competition history has been shaped by adopting the latest advances in bicycle aerodynamics and finding out what truly works on a race course. His knowledge and experience are shared by few professional athletes.
Both are truly masters of their arts: Cobb, the engineer and Lessing the athlete. Hear them share their knowledge in this unique video.