Since 1994, Javelin has built bicycles that combine the best in American engineering with the finest Italian craftsmanship. We are at the forefront of frame design, utilizing wind-tunnel testing, computer modeling and the principles of fluid dynamics to build the best frame you can buy.


We build bicycles that combine relentless performance capabilities with a cosseting, comfortable ride. This is what keeps our customers coming back. It is also what keeps our professional cyclists and top amateur riders on our bikes year after year.


Professional athletes such as Simon Lessing win races on the same Javelin frames that you can buy from your local dealer, off-the-shelf, not just one-off racing specials.


We take a lot of pride in the fact that our product is engineered in America and manufactured by multi-generational Italian artisans. The result is that our customers do not even think about trying another bike after riding one of ours. The phrase , “they sell themselves,” couldn’t be truer when spoken about a Javelin. Ride one and you will see the difference that passionate American engineering combined with traditional Italian craftsmanship can make.


You hear terms like boutique manufacturer often these days. But who actually has the prominence and providence to claim they are?
Javelin does. Our Riserva program is for that discerning cyclist who demands perfection. Full custom geometry and hand-crafted carbon frames created by the finest Italian artisans. Exquisite finishing and world-class construction. It doesn’t get any better than this.


While we use proven innovators, like aerodynamics guru John Cobb, to design our frames we don’t stop there. We spend copious amounts of time researching and developing new innovations in manufacturing and engineering to make sure we are producing the best bicycle possible at every level. Wind tunnel testing is an essential part of performing in a modern race environment. It is the difference between the cigar-shaped Grand Prix racecars of the 1960’s and the Formula One cars of today. That distinction is not lost on us.


Frame material and method of construction are just as important as the aerodynamic ability of the final design. If the frame can’t stay optimally responsive as you power through your pedal stroke, your frames aerodynamic ability is useless. We build our tubesets out of carbon, aluminum, scandium and titanium and we work hard to know how to exploit each material. Our tubesets are double and triple-butted to make them flex where they need to and remain stiff where they don’t. We shape our carbon tubing to make it respond differently for each model, giving some a desirable stiffness for sprinting and others a more relaxed feel for hours in the saddle. Our own carbon wrap process ensures that each of our frames are laid up, by hand, and formed to our exacting specifications. This attentiveness to detail provides a ride quality that is unsurpassed on the road.


We do it all so that you will have the most responsive frame you can buy.