Riserva Program



Factory In Italy Factory In Italy Factory In Italy


This is the pinnacle of custom programs and the true paradigm for cycling enthusiasts.

The Riserva program is all about carbon perfection. Based on a fitting at one of Javelin’s dealers, the customer’s measurements, desired riding characteristics and geometrical data are optimized by Javelin’s engineers. The results are then relayed directly to our factory floor in Italy. Once in Italy, the specifications for the customer’s bike are transformed into a bespoke carbon beauty, whether it is a Lugano for the ultimate in time trialing, the Cortina or Torgiano for the best road ride, or the Como for optimal performance on any velodrome.


Because the geometry is fully customizable the customer’s frame can be built in any manner, from an aggressive seat tube angle for better time trialing performance to a slack head tube angle for a better feel while touring. Our Riserva Program was designed to fully optimize the cycling potential of our customers.


Imagine the ideal feel on a bicycle: the perfect transference of power from your legs, through the stiffest, most responsive bottom bracket shell, spinning your wheels around more efficiently than ever before. Picture that energy from your pedal to the wheel in one uninterrupted stream of lightning. That is the goal of the Javelin Riserva Program.


Paint the bike any way you want, or don’t paint it at all.


With a typical 60-day turnaround, you will be on your new dream ride before you can say Paris-Roubaix.


Bikes Available through the Riserva Program:

Cortina Evo